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Are you ready for the challenge?

Have you heard of Escape story Chicago, the mysterious space, perfect for testing your skills with a good party? All you need is a perception, creativity and logic, but teamwork is the key! This is not a movie or another detective story, it's time for you to get up, leave your computer games and play the real game in the real world. You‘ll become the part of the story, and it depends on you and your team, whether you solve puzzles one of the best escape rooms in Chicago. Are you going to step into the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes or experience fears of which you are chilling in Area 51, it’s up to you.

We asked our last participant David to tell us his impressions of the Escape story Chicago: "Well, I was looking for a new way of entertainment, and I found this and I really liked it. Besides great fun, this kind of game requires creativity, develops imagination and makes you use your brain, and this is not the case in most entertainment today. I really liked the details and effects of escape rooms ... After entering the room, the first things you look  are clues that will lead you to conclude what is the next step, and if  happens that you just get stuck, you can always ask for help, but definitely, the largest satisfaction is when you solve everything by yourself…"

You will forever remember the time you spend on Escape story Chicago, so invite your friends and check how much brave, resourceful and mentally stable you are, because nothing's easy. Only there is one problem, when you try an escape room, you'll want to try the others! Each room has its own story, theme and atmosphere, and of course a variety of tasks and challenges,  so that the experience in every next room is unique.

One entrance. One secret. One hour!

Can you master this adventure?

There is no reason why this kind of scenarios are not the best choice for your birthday, or even bachelor/ette party!

This exciting experience gives you 60-minute of pure fun, while challenging your wit! You dont know them, until you try to escape together with them! Escape Story - Escape rooms Chicago

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