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Escape room (story) Chicago reviews

Here, in Chicago, there are many escape rooms, for some of them you didn’t hear, and other ones you enjoy playing and recommend it to all your friends and family members. But like with most things, choosing the right one matters. If you’re looking the new escape adventure in Chicago and you are escaper with or no experience, the first thing you’ll probably look at, are the reviews about a certain escape room. Looking at what other people say about the staff, the games, the puzzles, and the customer service, will give you an insight whether this is the right place for you or not. In order to save you time, we picked up just some of the reviews from our visitors. You can see other comments on our Facebook page Escape story Chicago.

Goyko Ljumovic

“Escape rooms are a great hobby of mine. Visited a lot of them, not just across the United States, but also Canada and Europe. And this is hands down the best one I ever visited so far! Kudos to the designer, the mechanics and the design of the room are outstanding! Make sure Escape Story is on your list.”

Rachel Fachel Bobayache

“Great staff, inventive rooms, really cool mechanics!”

Kendra Esbrook

“My first escape room and now I'm hooked! We had a wonderful time! A nice variety of challenges and a fun theme.”

Pattie Strohfeldt

“Writing this 5 minutes after I left because I couldn't wait! Been to one other room before, and this one surpasses it. 10/10 recommend!”

Pamela Mazurek Eckardt

“Totally fun!!! My kids (two 14 and a 10 year old) and I tried the "Area 51" room. Great balance of challenging clues and puzzles. Definitely going back for the "Sherlock Holmes" room!”

Sharon Moy

“My friends and I have done over 20+ escape rooms and we all agree the Area 51 escape room was a great challenging room to solve clues and puzzles..”

Karen Wasiqi

“This was our first Escape room adventure. We had a blast. We did the Sherlock Holmes room and escaped with almost 5 minutes to spare. The Staff/Owners were friendly, nice and very helpful with the few hints that were given. Puzzles were clever and fun. Highly recommend Escape Story to anyone.”

Jessica Ward Glaser

„Escape Story Chicago is an exemplary escape room! We have done 20+ rooms, and this company is among my favorites. The puzzles are out of the box and fun! The staff was friendly and their clues when asked for were on point. They didn't just give answers but gave helpful direction which we appreciated. The room design was awesome and very engaging. We did the Sherlock room and can't wait to try the Area 51 one as well!”

Mindy Imhausen-Blech

“My husband and I had a great time in the Sherlock Holmes room! Even though we are on different ends of the escape room experience scale (he's done three and I've done 30+), we were both able to enjoy the room and participate equally. There were some unusual elements in the room that I hadn't seen before which added to the experience. Although it provided a good challenge, the puzzles made sense and we were able to follow them logically throughout the room. I would definitely return to do another room at this location.
I would highly recommend it- just give yourself a few extra minutes to find the place as it's a little bit hidden! “

Once again, we want to thank all our visitors at these impressions and comments! We really appreciate it and we are looking forward seeing you all again!



There is no reason why this kind of scenarios are not the best choice for your birthday, or even bachelor/ette party!

This exciting experience gives you 60-minute of pure fun, while challenging your wit! You dont know them, until you try to escape together with them! Escape Story - Escape rooms Chicago

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