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How should I choose the right escape room?

Escape room theme

Probably, the main reason why so many people play escape games is a theme of the escape room. Everyone wants to live a life of a detective, astronaut, adventurous, explorer or anything else you can imagine. There are hundreds of themes and scenarios of escape rooms, and the main problem here is to pick something not only you’ll like, but everyone on the team will like as well. You should definitely ask here about the decorations and the appearance of the escape room (for example, our room Sherlock Holmes creates the atmosphere of the well-known apartment in 221B Baker Street).

Escape room difficulty

You can suppose that there are easy escape rooms for beginners, and medium and hard level escape games for more advanced players, who have made a couple of room escapes. People who didn’t play an escape room before, should definitely start with an easy room, otherwise, they will probably leave the room a bit disappointed.

Type or genre of an escape room

If you are going to play an escape game just for fun, you probably don’t want any zombies, aliens or any spooky surroundings. Escape room games can be based on famous movies, books, computer games, etc., but generally, genres are split into three categories: adventure, mystery, and horror. Adventure escape rooms are easy, fun, without any scaring elements and they are usually recommend to beginners. Mystery rooms are medium hard, while horror escape rooms are hard level escape rooms, preferred by experienced players. Our escape room, Sherlock Holmes and missing testament, is somewhere between low and medium intensity, while the Area 51 is definitely for those who’ve already played an escape room.

Check the reviews

Checking the reviews will definitely help you to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Read the testimonials of those who have already used the room before you, and ask your friends, whether they would recommend visiting an escape room.

Number of players

Well, this could be determining factor which escape adventure is right for your team. Some escape rooms are designed for 2-5 people, while others could welcome up to 20 people. According to this fact, you should check how many people are recommended for the specific room before booking it. Our escape rooms have capacities that range from 5 to 10 players.

We hope this short guide will help you in making your choice of escape room, whether it is your first escape game or not. After all, we’re all here to have a fun and a great time. So, get ready and enjoy!




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