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The clues are many, but there's only one solution.

All the famous detectives had their preferred methods of solving crimes, so let's take a look at a selected few.

The first fictional detective was E. A. Poe's C. Auguste Dupin, who served as a basis and inspiration not only for Sherlock Holmes, but for all other detectives to come. This eccentric proto-detective used 'ratiocination' to solve crimes; simply put, he relied on his superior intellect and imaginative power to penetrate the criminal's mind. Although Holmes did not appreciate being compared to him and scoffed at Dupin's crime-solving abilities, considering them inferior to his own, they in fact proved to be very effective.

Known for his peculiar, well-tended mustache, extreme meticulousness, and love of sweet things, the vain and egotistical Belgian detective Hercule Poirot – the creation of the queen of crime novels Agatha Christie – relied on his 'little grey cells' and immense self-confidence (occasionally bordering on arrogance) to solve the cases, never failing to impress us with his brilliant mind and brave conclusions.

Yet another of Christie's creations, Miss Marple, was an amateur detective residing in the English countryside, who seemingly effortlessly solved the most gruesome murders over a cup of tea and a few home-made cookies. Don't let her petite stature, grandmotherly appearance, and pleasant, chatty demeanor fool you: this charming old lady has a razor-sharp wit and is not afraid to use it; so if you're hiding something (and everybody's got their dirty little secrets), stay assured she WILL find out!


Often labeled as the 'French Sherlock Holmes,' Chief Inspector Maigret is another archetypal pipe-smoking, heavy-drinking detective created by Georges Simenon. What makes him different from all the others is his police mindset, street smarts, and willingness for teamwork. He may have no style, no fashion sense whatsoever, and no inclination for showing off, but he's thorough, patient, tenacious, and he gets the job done.


Aside from sharing a strong sense of professional pride, most of these detectives had another thing in common – the help of their trusty sidekicks. Don't forget that you are not alone: making decisions will be much easier with good team dynamics and effective brainstorming.

Want to apply any of these methods, or have a strategy of your own you'd like to test out? Now is your chance!

There is no reason why this kind of scenarios are not the best choice for your birthday, or even bachelor/ette party!

This exciting experience gives you 60-minute of pure fun, while challenging your wit! You dont know them, until you try to escape together with them! Escape Story - Escape rooms Chicago

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