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The curious case of the famous detective Sherringford Holmes

But what if you could become the arguably most (in)famous fictional detective in history, faced with the challenge of solving the mystery behind the missing testament in under an hour... all the while being locked in a single room?

Now let us go back in time, to a seemingly ordinary dinner party in 1889. That same evening, two literary giants, Oscar Wilde and Conan Doyle, were persuaded to serialize their work. The result? Wilde published his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, while Doyle published his second Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign of Four. 

Both books brought their authors the fame (or, in the first case, notoriety) they wished for, mostly because of their memorable, convincing protagonists. Wilde created the delightfully depraved and morally bankrupt Dorian Gray, whereas Doyle's creation, the eccentric pipe-smoking, morphine-addicted, opera-loving detective Sherlock Holmes became the second most portrayed literary character in film, surpassed only by Dracula. One can not but wonder whether Holmes would have gained such wild popularity if he were called Sherringford, as Doyle originally intended.

Back to the present! If you desperately need to unwind after a trying day at work, love a good mystery, and are looking for some fun and excitement, look no further. Unleash your inner detective and experience the thrill of solving a challenging case in a time-limited, brain-teasing, team-building adventure, searching for clues and deducing the answers, however improbable they might seem. 

This is a great opportunity to test your deduction abilities, sharpen your wit, and bond with your teammates. All you need are strong logical reasoning skills and an attitude to match. Having a keen eye and an attention to detail will also come in handy. In order to crack the case and escape the room, remember to do more than just look – observe!

There is no reason why this kind of scenarios are not the best choice for your birthday, or even bachelor/ette party!

This exciting experience gives you 60-minute of pure fun, while challenging your wit! You dont know them, until you try to escape together with them! Escape Story - Escape rooms Chicago

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