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Why is an escape room the perfect gift?

Even if you have an unlimited budget available, we’re pretty sure you can’t easily choose gifts for your loved ones. There are usually two criteria for the selection of gifts; we know that the person needs something, because we were told or asked, or we just noticed that; and the other criteria is that we realized that certain gift will improve the quality of life of the person to whom the gift is intended. Of course, there is also the third one option, less innovative way of choosing gift: we'll buy one of the ready packages from the drugstore or supermarket, or we’ll strip off the doll’s clothes in the shop-window.

Now think again! Remember the gift you received last year, it was clothes, perfume or something like that, right? How do you feel about that present now? And how do you feel about the gift like vacation or trip? You probably remember every vacation, no matter when it happened, don’t you? The thing is, that experience you get traveling with friends and family is priceless, next to stuffs and other material things. The same thing happens with escape room, you’re giving someone the experience gift, which is more likely to be remembered.

What makes things easier is the fact that absolutely anyone can play an escape room! It doesn’t even matter what language someone speaks (it is enough just to know basic English language), or how old he is; in this game for all ages, everyone can enjoy.

Our escape game is designed for about six people, who were “locked” for an hour in the room they’ve chosen (Sherlock Holmes and missing testament or Area 51). For just one hour spent escaping one of our mystery rooms, not only you will develop your brain cells, but also you’ll get more familiar to people with whom you play an escape game.

Your friends and family will be grateful if they experience something like this. It is an ideal choice for those who love adventure, puzzles, games, stories, fun…  Whether it is a gift for Christmas, birthday present for a friend, a family or a romantic date, it is guaranteed you’ll have more fun and happiness to the lives of you and yours.

There is no reason why this kind of scenarios are not the best choice for your birthday, or even bachelor/ette party!

This exciting experience gives you 60-minute of pure fun, while challenging your wit! You dont know them, until you try to escape together with them! Escape Story - Escape rooms Chicago

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